Thursday, June 28, 2012

We are family!

Sooooooo much family the last month and sooooo much fun : )   I'll begin with the...beginning.   It all started with a trip to San Antonio for Todd's cousin, Zack's, graduation.   It's always a good time going to San Antiono because not only is it a fun place to visit & stay in our 'summer home', but we get to see the Norman family (Todd's Aunt and Uncle and cousins).   This particular visit there were additional family members which made for an even better time.  

Great Grandma and Grandpa

Cousin Holly

Cousin Zack (who b.t.w. is going to be a music major and was super excited about his new record player) 

Uncle Craig giving Anna her "Carey (scary/care) Bear"

At the Graduation Anna cheered loudly for EVERYBODY (until we whisked her away) 

The graduate with his Mom and Dad (a.k.a. Aunt Dana and Uncle Craig)

After a fun visit to San Antonio we brought cousin Holly and Aunt Linny back to McKinney with us for an extended super fun time with Aunt Kara and her family.
Reading bedtime stories

Playing in the bath with cousin Jameson
 While everyone was in town we went to our hotspots which include Legoland, downtown McKinney, Ikea and the pool : )   While everyone was here my cousin Doug and friend Christi were in town and came by to join in the fun as well.   

Anna playing with her cousin Ashleigh (Doug and Christi's daughter) 
 AND if that weren't too much fun (if I wasn't too overwhelmed then you aren't allowed to be while reading this....) we had the rest of the San Antonio crew come up to celebrate Todd's birthday.   That's right ladies and gentlemen we had 10 house guests and we honestly had a blast.   

One big happy family 
Blowing out Todd's candle (somehow those didn't make the move) 

See?  Everyone even got a bed...maybe not privacy but at least a bed : )  

And our crazy month didn't end there...

Friday, June 8, 2012

Graduation: Take 1

I think Anna is visiting a police car, not being scolded : ) 
Both of our kids LOVE preschool.   They love their teachers, friends, activities and are sad to discover that "summer = no school".  I must admit I even miss seeing all of the friends I made at pick up/drop off and then my workout :  )  (this church is so big it even has a workout facility!) 
Anna eating snack with her friends. 

Anna giving out her Valentines
 The next 2 years are going to be a little strange for Eli.   He has that awkward late summer birthday that can either move forward or stay back.   For various reasons we have decided to hold Eli back.  So he "gets" to graduate from Preschool....twice.    Good thing he enjoys it ; )   
Eli pretending to sing into the microphone.  Thank GOD he only pretended.   

Eli receiving his diploma from his teachers

Celebrating in his classroom with a mini reception.

Eli had some serious buddies that he made this year (and so did I!) and we hope that those friendships continue to carry on.  

Eli and Chase

Eli and Trey
These teachers had their hands full, but did a great job wrangling this crew in.   The important thing is that they all loved each other and even pray for each other at night : )  

Hope to see you all soon!