Saturday, August 17, 2013


A after cutting her own hair to look like a princess. 

-"sharks are nice animals.   They put people in their mouth to protect them from the jellyfish."
-"dad why did you step on the sparkly thing" (her response when Todd ripped his foot on a sprinkler head)
-*possibly TMI*. "Mom, why is Sam is smelling you?" (In response to me breastfeeding and his heavy breathing)
-"my throat is my favorite skin"
-after completely melting down i asked her what was wrong and she said, "no one was downstairs to save me" (from nothing...she just needs 24 hour protection)
-"look its the Statue of Liberty" (after seeing an angel on gravestone) (secretly impressed she knew what the Statue of Liberty was...)
-"anna why are you opening the front door?" ...response... " I thought Cinderella was here"
-"I want the cheese with the trash on it"( aka string cheese)
- after telling us what everyones middle name was we asked what hers was...  "banana"
-"eli i know where they get the sand for the timer" (one of those hour glass ones) ... "at the red sand store "
-"The storm needs a timeout it's loud and unkind"
-"mom I hear Sam, he's sleeping."

Talented kid.

E  (he's really winding down)  :
-I'm almost 6 that's why I have growing pains
-Should I wear an Indian outfit today? (When he saw it was Ramadan on the calendar)
-After anna told him boys were mean to girls he responded.  "not all of them.  Jesus is nice to girls."
-When Sam turns 5 I will be a dad, right? (God help me if you are...) 

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Celebrating 6 years with FORCE

ALL year, we have heard from our eldest child that he wants a Star Wars party.   So, come July 21st we were armed and ready!   Through many hours scouring pinterest (while feeding the little one) I was able to come up with the perfect gluten/dairy free party that was out of this world. : ) 

The first step was to get Sam settled so we could set up....check!

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Next we set up the spread (the most important part in my opinion...)   All are gluten and dairy free for my favorite Jedi! 

 Next we hung some pictures that I had printed at Staples for a whomping total of $3!!!   All you need for a poster size print is to pick your image and select "engineering print" when you upload the image to their website.   It only prints in black and white, which was fine by me!!!   

Eli chose Darth Maul  
I downloaded a special Jedi font for this one and uploaded a document from Word.   Thank you, Rachel and princess Leia for posing.  

You too, Anna.   (In case you cant tell she has Princess Padme hair...we left our costume at home) 

We also brought some of our favorite star wars toys and placed them all around on the tables.  

The birthday boy and one of his buds.   Each kid received a badge with their name, height and weight before they went into Jedi training.  

Let Jedi training begin with Obe Wan!  (aka as my hot jedi husband) 

Each jr. jedi received their own saber, aka a pool noodle cut in half. 

Let the training begin!   While he was a natural, we did have some training sessions at home (while watching you tube video) before the big event.  Best workout I've had since Sam was born.  

Training ground. 

Trying to take Todd (err....Obe) down.  


The cookie cake.  Thank you immacualte baking company for making an AWESOME gluten/dairy free cookie dough...sold everywhere (even Walmart!)   You should've seen my first draft...pinterest.worthy.  (Ok, maybe pinterest fail)   Thank you Obe Todd for saving the day!