Sunday, October 31, 2010


We are excited that today is finally here!   We already had our costume/trick or treat run through and I think we're ready.  

At first I thought Eli could pass as Batman with a bat costume I bought for him...2 years ago.  I decided to Dr. it up with a mask but he just looked...ridiculous (esp. next to the real thing, a.k.a. his friend Grayson).  

So I finally asked Eli what he wanted to be for Halloween and he said, "A Ghost".   Really?  A ghost?  He MUST not know what options are out there for him.  So I took him to Target and he still wasn't really as into it as I thought he would be.  So I ended up picking 3 and letting him choose and he is now the most powerful 3 year old Darth Vader and he is going to rule the galaxy tonight. 

Miss Anna tried out 1 of her 3 Halloween costumes on Friday at the Magic House and she was the Belle of the Ball!   

Here is our scary crew!  

We are now all ready for tonight!  We have the decorations out, the chili made, the candles in their candlesticks, the music on the ipod, and the costumes laid out.   We even have practiced a few jokes...

1) Knock Knock (who's there?) Anna (Anna who?) Anna 1, Anna 2, Anna 3 ......    (Eli throws in a "Chicken and a Butt" in there for good measure...) 
2) What do ghosts eat for dessert?  BOOberry Pie!
3) Knock Knock (who's there?) Boo (Boo Who?) Don't cry it's only a joke!

Happy Halloween!  We hope you have a SPOOKTACULAR NIGHT and enjoy the BOOTIFUL weather!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 for Tuesday

So I know I haven't been the best blogger in awhile, forgive me.   In the spirit of combining an update, and the random events that have gone on the last few weeks I thought I'd do a "Ten for Tuesday".   Without further ado...

1) Eli has given up his nap...awesome.  (not really)  I think I would be more okay with it if he acted like an angel despite no nap but that is NOT the case.   This kid (and his parents) needs some sleep...stat. 

2) Todd has begun his CRAZY school schedule.   The last 2 weeks he had class Saturday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on TOP OF his 40 hour work week.   Now (until December 16th) he "only" has class Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Pray for perserverance (and sanity). 

3) I could be really down about Todd's school schedule but know that there are other mom's out there that are going through the same season of life, if not worse.   i.e. my sis, Rachel, will be a single parent 24/7 for the next few months as her husband will be serving in Afghanistan.  Please pray for their family and for his safe return!  

4) While trying to distract from Todd's work/school schedule we have been going out of town A LOT. (Like 3 of the last 4 weeks)  Here are just a few fun pics of our trips!  
Trip to Kansas City (Yes. That's a gun Davis is holding...)
Springfield, MO.  In case you can't tell Eli is conducting a train. 
Anna enjoyed hanging with her NaNa.     
5) In between trips I had a fun time planning/throwing a baby shower for my dear friend, Bailey.   She is due with her second girl in 7 weeks!  In case you can't tell the theme was Madhatter from Alice in Wonderland.   We had so much fun, I plan on using the same theme for Anna's birthday in 5 1/2 weeks! 
Bailey's Shower: Madhatter theme
6) Anna is starting to scoot.  I would not say she is an all out mover, but she can move at least a couple of inches : )  

7) Speaking of scooting...Eli is friggin' awesome on his Skuut bike.   Essentially a Skuut bike is a bike without pedals and it teaches kids how to balance.  He LOVES it. 

Eli and Gavin on their Skuuts.  
8) Anna has mastered the Sippy cup which has revolutionized her consumption of liquids (since the girl NEVER took a bottle)  Here's to weaning soon!  

9) Mizzou-Rah!  Eventhough we were completely exhausted we stayed up to watch the most incredible game on Saturday.   Tigers, you're awesome...good luck this weekend. 

10) We had fun reconnecting with good friends this weekend.  
Panera with some HS friends and our families. 

Beth's baby shower. 
Have a great week!!!!!  

Saturday, October 16, 2010


So I know it's supposed to be "Flashback Friday", but it's not Friday.  It's Saturday.  And I feel like doing a flashback (and a blog post!).   We have been extremely busy lately spending time with family while Todd is taking 12 hours of school ON TOP OF a 40 hour work week.   Thus, I haven't had much time (among a lot of other things).  

One of the things I have had time to do is to burn a ton of photos off of my computer on to DVD's to free up some space on the ol' hard drive.   Before I erase them I thought I would share some oldies but goodies : ) are some pics of Eli and Anna at the same age.  They look A LOT more alike than I had originally thought.

Eli @ 10 months
Anna @ 10 months
Picture of Todd and his Dad... Eli looks so much like him.  (Todd)           

 In the spirit of Halloween I thought we'd take a trip down memory lane....don't ask about this year.  We are still deciding!  
Eli's 1st Halloween

Eli's 2nd Halloween

Eli's 3rd Halloween