Friday, January 31, 2014

...and now it's (almost) February...

...and I am finally writing a blog post : )  Totally wish I had something EPIC to say, but I don't.  Just wanted to tell my future self and kids, and the 3 of you that look at this, what's happening in our lives right now.  The picture above perfectly expresses it.   The 3 of you...Sam looking concerned, Eli being silly (sometimes to the discomfort of others) and Anna smiling and enjoying life's moments (until the wind blows the wrong way)....and an ironing board in the background.  No, I don't iron.   The only reason it's out is because I was doing a pinterest experiment and haven't had a chance to put it away....4 days later.   I never thought I would live moment to moment.  I thrive on a schedule and a plan for my life.  You however have shown me that sometimes moment to moment is better, and COMPLETELY OUT OF MY CONTROL.

Here is my daily "to do" list.   (after of course doing the most essential, truly life giving thing.  Spending time with Jesus and His Word over 2 + cups of coffee an hour before you wake up).  I've learned that 3 things is all my list can handle at the moment, if it's going to be realistic at all.

1) Keep the three of you alive and functioning like human beings (clothes on, fresh underwear/diapers, boogers wiped from noses, shoes on, not killing eachother)
2) Working out.   (For so many reasons, but one of them being so that I can do #1 the best I can)
3) ....this one is variable... sometimes its making that phone call I've been meaning to make, sometimes it's taking you on a field trip, sometimes its responding to an email and sometimes its putting the ironing board away, and sometimes (once every 3 months) a blog post : )  

Everything else is just BONUS.  Sometimes I'm able to get a ton done because you are all acting like angels, and #1 takes 0 effort.   Sometimes #1 takes most of my time and I can barely get #2 and #3 done.  

I keep on waiting for this season to end and having all the time in the world to do the things I dream of doing (pedicures, hair cuts, scrubbing the grout in my kitchen, coffee with friends) but rather than just sit and long for the future I am trying to be present in the now and not only ENJOY it, but be THANKFUL for it.  I hear these days go quickly and I believe it.   I wouldn't trade it for anything. (except maybe a trip to the Bahamas for just 3 or so days...)