Friday, October 18, 2013

These are a few of my favorite things...

Here are a few of the things "trending" in my life right now,

1) Essential Oils.

I know I've been headed down the hippy path for quite some time, and this might just seal the deal, but it is what it is.   If there is an ailment or concern in my life I first turn to food...always.  Have a cold?  Make some soup (with homemade broth of course....see below).  Had a bad day?  Eat some chocolate.  Have ADHD/autism tendencies? Remove dairy.   There are some things that food can't fix, or that would be enhanced with other methods.  So next I am turning to essential oils (but they have to be food grade...things I and my kids can ingest).   So far, I put theives in Sam's diaper spray (Oh, you didn't know I don't use baby wipes?  Yep.  I'm a hippy.  AND a cheapskate.)   I also rub lavender on his feet before bed : )  I am not a 100% believer yet, but I am definitely giving it a try!  I have all the ingredients for homemade deodorant, body butter and lip balm so watch out at Christmas time ; )

2)   Sprouts. 

I almost love it as much as Trader Joes...almost.   Their produce prices are exceptional and I can find Eli everything he needs.   I made the mistake of taking him with me last week and he caused our grocery bill to go up at least $100, I'm sure, because he was so excited about all of his options.  

3) Emerson

Click on link above to see Todd's new digs.   They opened last month and it is beautiful!!   On top of that he is now only 2.6 miles from our house!!!  

I can think of so much more, but Sam (another one of my favorite things), needs his mama.