Sunday, February 17, 2013

Picture Backlog!    Unbelievable.   I would post from November-present but I'm too lazy to get my camera (I think I see the problem).  Regardless...enjoy!  

Friday, February 1, 2013

GFCF: Update

Sorry if you were expecting something non "Gluten Free Casein Free" related, but that's kinda been the theme around here the last couple of weeks and I wanted to update how we are doing : )

E-Man: His behavior has been...worse.   He's always been silly and disruptive, but this past week his teacher (and I) described him as oppositional.   That's has never really been a problem for him.  Don't be discouraged (like me!) supposedly this is normal when kids are "addicted" to a certain type of food and coming off of it.  For those people with a food sensitivity or intolerance their body has been treating these certain foods as a drug (the amino acid chain looks similar to OPIATE!), so coming off of it is equated to coming off of drugs : )   Supposedly this will only last another week or two.   I will say that today has been a "rock star" day for him and I haven't seen him this "on" in a long time.   He is helpful, following directions and seems more comfortable in his skin. 

Helpful Products: I'm going to go ahead and list our fave products so far in case some of you will find this helpful when and if you try a GFCF diet.  First of all I have to say, THANK GOD FOR TRADER JOES!!!   They have an entire packet available in their stores and on their site that includes all of their gluten free products (and they also have started including a cute little "g" on their products).   Eli and I have had fun going on Sunday mornings (thanks to our church being on Sat nights now!) and having the store and it's employees to ourselves : )

I just have to include this pic from their site:

*Udi's Bread:  Pretty much any store carries this, but Eli hasn't missed bread because of this.  We even made french toast last weekend with the cinnamon raisin bread they have out...mmmmmmm....

*Trader Joes All Purpose Flour:  This is a brand new product they have out.   Seriously?   Need I look anywhere else?  I can use all purpose flour for....all purposes.

*Barbaras Cereal: Pretty much all of these are gluten free and delicious.   (Eli's personal fave is the peanut butter puffs)

*Rice Cakes:  I've started giving him peanut butter on rice cakes (the Udi's bread can get pricey) and thankfully he LOVES them.  His friends have even asked me to give their mom's a recipe : )

*Trader Joes Gluten Free Brownie Mix:  Again, seriously?   This way I can ensure they are casein (dairy) free too...

*Corn Chips and Potato Chips: No sacrifices need there, thankfully they aren't made with Gluten!

*Hebrew National Hotdogs:  They are blessed by a rabi, how can you go wrong?

*Trader Joes Lunch Meat: Nitrate free and uncured (which you need for both GF & CF) at the best price I've seen!

*Carmel Corn: One of his favorite treats these days.

*Meringue Cookies:  YUMMMMMMMMM!    (Although with TJ's all purpose flour I can make any kind now)

HIDDEN PRODUCTS:  Here's a list of things we were eating regularly that I had NO CLUE had gluten in them.   I always thought it was only in products made with flour....not true.

*Soy sauce (he loves it on his rice): Supposedly there is gluten free available you just have to look for it on the label.   Believe it or not the "KARIOUT" brand that comes with Chinese carry out is gluten free now :) 

*Gum: He chews this DAILY.   Gluten free brands include Wrigley, Trident and Glee

*Yogurt: We were buying Coconut Yogurt which is "Casein Free" but it still has gluten in it.  The Trader Joes Soy yogurt is gluten free AND casein free (although I am generally not a fan of soy). 

I'm sure I will find more as we go : )