Sunday, August 26, 2012

Missouri Tour: Part I

We decided to round out this summer with a Missouri Tour visiting some of our favorite people.   We left Grandaddy and Daddy behind as we loaded up for a 16 day trip : )  Our first stop was seeing one of my oldest/ and best friends in her new(ish) hometown of Lawrence, Kansas.   (Yes, she is the only good thing about that town).   (Ok, I'll be honest.  I actually think the town is pretty cool.)  The kids once again did a FANTASTIC job on our journey and we made it there in record time.  We enjoyed a night of pizza, silliness and politics (yes, we went there) at the Pearson home.  

*I pre-apologize for the quality of these photos.   In the hustle and butsle of leaving I left our camera behind.  So thankful for the iphone :) 

The kids getting ready for bed

Reading a bedtime story
The next morning we headed to Parkville, MO (northern Kansas City) to visit with my oldest sister, Reebs (a.k.a Rebecca).   We had one of our best behaved visits (no peeing on walls or hanging from chandeliers) and thus we (I) enjoyed our time there (minus some minor burns, bumps and bruises).  

Visiting the gym, where our cousin Roman is a STAR. He honestly is going to be in the olympics some day. 

Watching the Lorax.   (You can tell who had seen it and who had not)

Feeding a RELENTLESS Cardinal. 

Playing dress up with our friend Vivi.

Putting on a rock concert. 

Getting a make over from our Aunt Reebs!

Ta Da! 

After a few days there we wanted to check out our Aunt Linny's new house in Liberty, MO  (minus Aunt Linny).   We LOVE it!  

We then headed south to Brookside area where my other sister, Rachel, lives.  Despite the fear of their 2 dogs (who wouldn't hurt a fly, but DID hurt our flip flops) we enjoyed hanging with them and sending them off on their first day of school.  Goodbyes were pretty easy because we get to see them Labor Day weekend :)

Cousin Davis reading to Eli

Hanging at Deanna Rose Farm

I love this pic!  

All of the MORGAN cousins


Happy first day Twenters!   
After we enjoyed a first day of school treat, we headed on Tour de St. Louis.   Stay tuned : ) 

Friday, August 3, 2012


I can't believe he's 5!  I just can't believe it.   He is such a treasure (no pun intended...ok, maybe) and I love seeing him become more and more of his own person each year.   He never ceases to amaze me with his intelligence, wit, imagination, kindness and sheer desire to enjoy life to the fullest.   

We (I) decided to get creative with his party this year (no thanks to Pinterest who makes this task even more tangible and annoying all at the same time).   Todd and I truly had a good time with the details and giving our 5 year old a fine good time.  I CANNOT believe I didn't get a picture of the watermelon Todd carved into a shark.  It was pretty awesome.  

The kids' loot (and treasure hunt instructions)  

Pirate Garb

Pirate Instructions

Who wouldn't want an eyepatch and a tat?

This is where we started getting ridiculous....(Ok, the watermelon shark was over the top too) 

Deadmans Punch

Sea Water

Eli didn't want to miss out on the decorating fun


Digging for loot

After stuffing our faces with Skeleton Bones (pretzels), The Catch of the Day (goldfish), Polly's Crackers (peanut butter crackers) and Pirate Pizza...we decided to ring in the birthday boy.   

I love the "blimey" look on his face in this one! 

Who says pirates can't wear goggles?   
Most of all I loved seeing Eli enjoy being with his mateys AND being five.  I'm excited to see what next year's sails bring in.