Friday, October 28, 2011


Where to begin?  Oh...the Petersons.   To let you in on how deep this relationship runs, Todd and Sega (David...whole 'nother story) met in middleschool BEFORE Todd even moved to St. Louis on a youth trip.   I met Sega and Tricia (who had already been dating for 3 years) when Todd and I first started dating (it was kind of like meeting the parents).  So as couples we've been friends for 13 years and going strong.   Sega was Todd's best man and Tricia is a dear, dear friend of mine.   When we told them we were moving they pulled out their calendar and committed to coming as soon as they could.   We love them.   Needless to say we were giddy to see them.  

We started out Peterson-Palooza running...well riding.  We promised the kids a train ride to the good ol' Texas state fair.   

 We HONESTLY thought this would be the quickest/cheapest/most fun way to go.  Well 45 minutes later, the kids became less and less enthused.  

Finally we arrived and were greeting by Big Tex!  

This thing was BIG, Texas BIG.   We didn't know where to begin.   Ok, so we did.  We ate A LOT of fried food (so much that it won it's own Texas Tuesday blog so stay tuned).   Then we finally let the kids have their fun. 

We saw pot belly pigs, kangaroos and lots of pick up trucks.  Even with all that this fair had to offer we had the most fun just hanging out and having fun with some of our favorite people.  

Peterson-palooza, Day 1.  

Sunday, October 23, 2011

What is art?

Art is : "the product or process of deliberately arranging items (often with symbolic significance) in a way that influences and affects one or more of the senses, emotions, and intellect." 

My 4 year old has become quite the little artist.   I love SEEING what he is thinking.   He is such a cool kid, with cool ideas and I'm finding it hard to part with some of his finest especially because they are so symbolic of him and they have a story behind them.   So, I decided to throw them up on the blog so that I could share them here AND they will then have a permanent home.    

Exhibit 1 "Mom in the Garden"
  Don't you just love my makeup?!?  He definitely captured my beauty and favorite hobby ; ) 

Exhibit 2: "Star Wars Battle" 
To the left we have Hans Solo and Luke Skywalker with their light sabers (and a tie fighter in the corner) and to the right....can you guess?  Look at the hair...look at the guessed it.   Lando!

Exhibit 3: "Man with the Angry Face"

When picking him up from school, we are greeted first thing by their artwork from the day.   I see all of these smiling faces looking back at me and then I find Eli's.   I believe they were asked to make a face...very well done I might add.  (His teachers promise me he loves school)  

Exhibit 4: "Picture Hunt"
 While painting in the backyard he brought us both pictures of the St. Louis Arch and asked if we could find the DIFFERENCES.  We had a hard time...I'll give you a hint.  There's more than 1 difference.   

Exhibit 5: "Family Portrait"
  No commentary necessary...just a great picture!!  He even remembered belly buttons for him and Todd (or are those not belly buttons?)  

Exhibit 6: "Speed Train"
I love this one because this is one of those things that is constantly on his mind.   I love seeing what it looks like on paper and I think he did a pretty good job.   He really wants to master the "steam engine" next, so we'll keep you posted : ) 

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Texas Tuesday

I just want to reiterate that this particular blog theme is not just what is purely Texan, but what is different about our life here in Texas.  Not that everyone experiences Texas in this way, but what WE experience in Texas and scratch our head at.   Sometimes in a good way, and sometime in a....surprised way.

So today I want to point out our trash collection.  Yes, our trash.  We have yet to follow the rules correctly.   We've received notes, comments and neglect.   Here are some of the rules we have to follow:

  • Have your cart(s) curbside by 7:00 a.m. on your collection day.  {ok.  I can do that.  But, yes they are there and if you snooze, you lose.}
  • Place cart(s) at least three feet apart; includes mailboxes, utility meters, poles, fences, etc. {So, we have 3 carts...all 3 feet apart...not close to poles or mailboxes...Todd and I think we need to just scatter them up and down our driveway}
  • All trash must be inside the cart! Items outside the cart will not be collected.{A little harsh, but it sure does look pretty on trash day.  They don't mention it here, but it has to be THEIR cart.  So not hodge podge cans hanging out.  One blue, one green.  My sister would be sorely disappointed at the lack of dumpster diving opportunities.}
  • The front of the cart (side with the serial number) should be facing the street.  {No comment...but come on, seriously?}
  • All contents should be bagged with the cart lid closed to prevent spillage.
  • An overloaded cart will result in non-collection.  {yep.  That's us}

 Insert Maplewood, MO.   Land of the free (in the context of trash day).   We put out carpet, appliances, wood, drywall, toilets, etc.  I was even tempted to put Eli out there once because I knew they'd take him away.   Did it look fancy?  Nope.  But I'm just giving you some insight into where we're coming from.  

So tomorrow I'm armed and ready.  I have my rules printed off and highlighted, my tape measure, and my super soaker in case they give me any more c$#*.  

"Fall"ing in love

Wayyyyy too long since a blog post.   We've been sick, sick, and sick.   Now that there's a break in the action I thought I'd share what we've been up to OTHER than being sick.  

I LOVE fall (who doesn't) and it's been fun experiencing this season in a new place and with my favorite people.  Here are some of my favorite things thus far this season!  

Owens Farm

Hay Ride with Grandma at Owens Farm.

Picking Pumpkins...we have some sad looking pumpkins on our front porch : )

Dallas Arboretum
Ducks on a Stream! 

I love how they labeled all the different kinds of pumpkins.

They seriously had the most beautiful displays I've ever seen.
They even had Cinderella's "pumpkin" carriage!

One of our craft projects...went on a nature trail to find sticks, and then came home and made play dough leaves.   They turned out really cute! 

The kids can play with play dough for hours.

Making pumpkin jars.

Again, they turned out really cute, and with a candle inside they look "spooky" on our front porch. 

My fall line up...Pumpkin waffles, pumpkin cream cheese, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin creamer and a pumpkin candle.