Saturday, September 28, 2013

Dear Son,

Eli, Age 6
It's official.  You are in Kindergarten.  As I walked you there on that first day of school, I didn't feel sad or anxious.  I didn't feel guilt or remorse.  Or relief. (all emotions I expected to feel) Instead,  I felt proud.  I felt peaceful. I felt content.  Not only are you smart, but you're confident. 

You're friendly, you're funny, and you turn even the most simple moments into something silly and fun.   

You're a "creator" (You told me that one time...) and you are a fantastic big brother.  

Most of all?  You are Elijah, "the Lord is My God", and you are His...not mine.  He is creating you everyday into something fantastic.  It's been great to watch the past 6 years.   Yes there are some things I mourn.  I wish I would have built your more train tracks.  I wish I would have read that book just one more time.  I wish I wouldn't have yelled when you weren't moving fast enough.   Will there still be regrets? Absolutely.  I'm not perfect.  One thing remains though.  I trust that He has you, and He will always be with you.   He knows how fantastic you are...he made you : )  I am so excited to see what this next chapter of your life brings for you and those around you.   And I am so very thankful that I get to be your mommy.