Monday, June 28, 2010


  1. While riding in the car and listening to the radio the song "Mysterious Ways" came on by U2.   Eli asked, "what is this song?"...I told him...he said, "this is cool".    He IS our son, enough said. 
  2. My mom has a lot of "antique" toys and while playing with one (Mister Roger's Trolley) we heard "Oh no, I'm dirty."   (Really bad images were coming to mind because this kid's definition of dirty is different than most)  He runs into the room showing me his hands which have nothing on them.   He then proceeded to say, "They have germs on them, I need to wash them."   
  3. Eli usually could care less about what he wears, he would prefer PJ's all day long.   One day I was helping him dress and he said, "this doesn't match".   (Camo shorts and a Spiderman shirt) I explained to him that the "funky grunge" look is in.  He seemed satisfied with that answer.   
  4. When putting on shoes he always asks , "are they the same?"   Meaning are they on the right foot?
  5. Anna was sitting on a quilt that the family had made for him and was playing with one of the squares that had an Eli doll attached to it.  (I may do a blog about this later, this thing is amazing) She was chewing on the doll's hair and Eli said, "Oh no!  Mom, she's chewing on MY hair."  He then rolled her over and spanked her!   He takes his quilt pretty seriously... (don't worry she was giggling over the whole thing)
  6. While out at a restaurant on Father's Day Eli noticed there was a drum set (for live music).  When the waitress came back to the table he asked, "Can I play on the drums?  I'm a rockstar..."  (Of course she let him...)
  7. When he was supposed to be napping we heard yelling from his room.  We peeked in on him and he was standing on top of some blocks and yelling, "I am Jesus and I will calm the storm!"
  8. We were playing with Legos one day (K'nex to be exact) and he was making guns for us to play with.   When I was shooting my gun apparently his had transformed into something else because in a shocked voice he said, "Nooooo, don't shoot my rainbow.  You're a good gun!"
  9. During Anna's morning nap this summer I've been trying to do some much needed housework with Eli's help.   When cleaning the bathroom downstairs Eli became bored (I don't know why) and went upstairs to play.   All of a sudden through the monitor I hear giggling.   I thought, "that's strange, Anna has never done that".   So I ran upstairs and found that Eli had dragged an ottoman up to her crib grabbed some toys and was in there playing with her.   Yikes...I guess it could be worse.  
  10. While I was on the computer one day Eli asks me, "Mom, I want to do facebook".   My jaw dropped and after some follow up questions I realized he literally wanted to read his book about faces.  
  11. I had some friends over one day and Eli went up to his room to get something to show them.  A few minutes later I heard crying and went to investigate.   He told me his head hurt and was holding his hand to it.  I asked if he had bumped it, if he needed me to kiss it, ect.   When I got a closer look he had scissors wrapped around his hair.   Close call.   
  12. He was sick this past weekend and when I asked if he still felt sick today his reply was "yes".   I asked him where it hurt and his reply was, "my legs".   
  13. Last night he stayed up with us due to the thunderstorm and we were watching the news.   Barack Obama was on and we were explaining who he was, ect.   We then wanted to make sure he understood and asked, "So Eli, who is our president?"   His response was, "Lightning McQueen". 

Friday, June 25, 2010

6 and counting...

Happy 6th Anniversary T-Dub!   Thank you for all that you are to are my favorite!  

Monday, June 21, 2010

Here are a few of my favorite things #1

I may start doing a string of blogs titled "Favorite Things" to highlight some of the many products / ideas that have given me joy/ have helped me as a wife, friend and mother!   Who knows this may be my first and only blog on this, but thought it would be a fun way to randomly share yet another aspect of my life!

#1: Etsy
Now I may do more "favorite thing" blogs on specific etsy sellers that I enjoy but for now let me just introduce Etsy as a whole to those of you that have never heard about it.   Etsy is an online store of all things handmade.  You can find EVERY pricepoint on there depending upon what it is you are looking for!  This is a great place for not only gifts but for personal indulgences when you want something personalized and that no one else has.   Some of you may remember Anna's hat that she wore as a newborn...yep that was an Etsy hat. 

While some of the creativity out there amazes me, some of the people that THINK they are creative amazes me as well!  

(Be sure to click here if you want to see how these little guys are advertised.  Who knows, yours may just be the home they were waiting for! )

Watch out!  This place can get addicting, but if you give yourself a time (and budget) limit it can be a real joy as well!  

Monday, June 14, 2010


I am kind of kicking myself this time around because I know there are SO MANY MORE that I have not written down, but here's a pretty hilarious list despite my brain lapse.

*Eli is starting to pick up on some of our 'excuses' and turning them on us.    i.e., "Eli can you sing Anna a song?"  .... "No, I'm too tired"... "Eli, do you want to color?" ...."maybe later". 

*During one of his whine fests I said, "Oh you poor boy".  His response, "IM NOT POOR.  IM 2!"  (As if we needed the reminder)

*He is beginning to use manners without prompting which makes my heart melt/giggle to myself.   If he accidenteley drops something he says "I'm sorry mom".   At the dinner table if there is a lull in the conversation he says, "so, ummm...what did you guys do today?".   He even is holding his safety gate open for me to go first!   What a little gentleman. 

*Piggybacking on the above -ism, his actions aren't always heart felt.   After going into time out for hitting his COUSIN, he went over to apologize and mumbled, "Sorry Anna".   (Not only did he use the wrong name, but saying 'sorry Anna' just slips off the tongue!) 

*This always comes as a shock when I see someone do this, but my own flesh and blood is an even bigger shocker!   When offered chocolate/brownies/cookies he now says "not right now mom, I'll save it for later. " 

*He now says "Hey ladies" and "Good night ladies" (in reference to Anna and me)

*When he really needs something/doesn't know who to ask for he just combines our names..."MOMDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

*When asked NOT to throw rocks into our pond he claimed it needed to swim..."It just swims differently than fish, Daddy".   (Yeah, we know)

*When seeing a flock of geese flying over our house: "Look Daddy!   Those geese are pretending to be airplanes!"   : )

*One day he said, "Mom, I want to go camping with Daddy so I can go pee outside".   

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

30 years ago today... favorite person was born.   Happy Birthday Todd Jeremy!   I love you so much and am thankful for every (almost every) moment I have with you!!!!!!!!!  Happy Birthday old man : )

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

1/2 way there!

Happy 1/2 Birthday "Sweet Angel", "Princess", "Cheeky Monkey", "Sweet Cheeks", "Beautiful", "Baby Girl", "Sweety", & ANNA!   We love you oodles and oodles!