Monday, February 28, 2011

Outside the Looking Glass

Well the time has come, Anna's (and Annie's) birthday party is posted on St. Louis At Homes website.  Bailey Mohr of Beautiful Mess Photography and Christy Marshall from the magazine did an incredible job of capturing the magic of that day.   What a gift for our little girl...thank you!

Click here to view article and pictures

Friday, February 25, 2011

Miss Itsy Bitsy

...seriously.  She couldn't be cuter. (ok maybe a hair bow and bloomers could help)** 

**Please act as if I'm not there.  I am aware that I am annoying.  

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


*While talking over breakfast about possible places we may move with Todd's company, Minnesota came up.  Eli asked, "do I get a soda?"
*Eli is pretty into playing I Spy, but not so good at finding something for me to spy.   i.e. A good I spy ? would be, "I spy something red".   Eli however says, "I spy something truck".   When we tell him it needs to be a little bit more difficult he says, "I spy something TRICKY."
*When I told him he was a "smart cookie", he responded "I'm NOT a cookie".  (I told you he was smart)
*As I spotted a firetruck outside I commented, "you have a fire truck like that at home".   He looked down, clearly disappointed and said, "yeah, but mine doesn't have hoses."
*During one of his numerous colds he told me part of his throat was coming up.  Once I registered that he meant phlegm I told him he could spit it out.   Two seconds later a loogey landed at my feet. 
*In the car he needed a tissue.  We keep a stash of napkins in our glove box so I gave him one of those to use.   He became really excited and said, "MOM!  Thank you for my McDONALDS tissue!"
*Upon giggling while going potty he said, "I have bubbles in my pee!"
*After sticking a pencil behind his ear he told Anna, "Look I'm your daddy!"
*One morning I heard him yelling, "My room is on FIRE!"  After I raced up there I realized the heat had just kicked on.
*If he's ever over and tells you his mouth is "hot", it just means he's thirsty : )

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What a LOVEly day!

Not only was yesterday Valentines Day, but it was a BEAUTIFUL day in St. Louis after such dreary snowy/icy weather.   (That is definitely one thing I will miss about St. Louis...the unexpected surprises we get in weather! ) So we made the most of it!  

First, the kids and I went outside and drew with sidewalk chalk.  They both loved playing outdoors, but I think Anna forgot what it was like!   She giggled at the birds and marveled at the sky.  

Next, we went indoors for our annual tradition of making pizzas!  Eli is getting rather good (esp. at beating the dough...) Anna loved getting involved in the mess too!

Finally we gave the kids cards and presents to let them know how much we LOVED them!!

We hope your day was just as LOVEly!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

What to do?

So, there's talk of a blizzard starting any minute.   With a romantic ski trip on the horizon, Todd and I shipped our kids off to Nana's early.   Although I was up until 4 am worrying about them and missing them, I am now looking on the bright side of things and have come up with a list of things I can get done while they are not around. 

Thing that I've accomplished:
1) Check facebook.  
2) Have the TV on as permanent company and background noise.   (This is a big no no when the kids are would cause them to have distractability issues or something.)   (No wise cracks, please)
3) Worry about my crazy husband who went into work today.
4.) Check facebook. 
5) Pass around Groundhogs Day trivia with my BFFL, Julie. 
6) Sell old textbooks online.   I sold an old Child Development book from 9 years ago for $20...wahoo! 
7) Go to post office to ship off #6 b/c I only have 2 days to send it or I lose the sale and $20 seems to be worth more than my life.
8) Share small talk with crazy people like me at the Maplewood Post office.   There were some real characters there...people that like to push the envelope.   (no pun intended) 
9) Check facebook.
10) Look around for more stuff around my house to take pictures of and sell. (but may wait to post until after this crazy storm so that I don't have to go through #7 and #8 again)
11) Check facebook.
12) Spackle all the holes in the walls around my house.
13) Call my husband to tell him he's crazy and he needs to come home.
14) Remember to eat breakfast. 
15) Update blog but waited until #8 was done so that my mom wouldn't worry.

Things I still need to do:
1) Paint areas of house that were patched.
2) Patch kitchen island and stain.
3) Stain trim work.
4) Pack.
5) Call husband to tell him he's crazy and he still needs to come home.
6) Not worry about my kids.
7) Clean up and clean out as much as possible. 
8) Make my chidren's rooms look absolutely perfect so that I don't feel so guilty.
9) Relax.
10) Stop making this list so I can start getting the above done.