Friday, April 12, 2013

Boy or Girl?...

...Trains or Princesses?  Isaac or Lydia (or Ethan or Lily)?  The million dollar questions in the Warren household these days.  Come join us and take your vote!   We are taking a tally (even the lady at the bank who thought she needed to be in on the vote...if you knew our bank it wouldn't be AS weird).   Here are some things I want you to keep in mind when voting...

*I have received comments from A LOT of people (including my doctor) that say "WOW.  That's the highest baby I've ever seen".
*I was sick my entire first trimester.  By sick I mean 5 vomit sessions a day sick.
*I have not tried the Drain-O test.
*When I put one or both of my rings on a string over my belly it goes in a circle.
*My favorite snack is the cereal "Oh's" with almond milk.  
*My teeth have been DESTROYED.  I've had 5 cavities filled and 2 that need crowns.
*Eli thinks it's a boy.  Anna thinks it's a girl.  Todd thinks it's a girl.  I think it's a boy (Please note that intuition is not one of my strong suits).

So what's your vote?   We will add you next to the lady at the bank (who thinks it's a boy by the way). 

I know my mirror needs to be cleaned, and read into the pink shirt only if you want to.

Current vote count as of 4/16/13

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Texas Tuesday

After visiting Baylor Mckinney last night (no worries!  Just a maternity tour...), I thought it was only fitting to do a Texas Tuesday blog (esp. b/c not too many of my MO folks will ever see inside).  I wanted you to be rest assured that Baby W and I will be in good hands : )  

"Baylor Medical Center at McKinney is a 95-bed, full-service hospital serving the more than 128,000 residents in McKinney and surrounding communities. Advanced treatment highlights include: women's health, heart and vascular, orthopedics, oncology, digestive disorders, emergency care and more.
You’ll experience a healing, supportive environment supported by advanced technology to enhance patient care."   (Baylor Mckinney ABOUT page)  

This hospital was just completed in July of 2012 so it is  While Baylor Health Center facilities have quite an impeccable reputation here in Texas, I felt like we needed to check out this new location because I know no one who has been in there yet.  

Now I can't say much about the hospital in and of itself, I can speak for the maternity ward...IT ROCKS!

Here are a few of the highlights:

* Level III NICU with Private Suites: While I hope to not use this part of the maternity services, this is pretty cool.   If you have a baby that needs the NICU, you get a private room so are thus able to stay overnight with them!   Most of the time they are in a nursery with other NICU babies and you have to leave them at night...sounds heartbreaking. 

*Labor and Delivery Rooms:  These rooms have a place for the Dads to sleep if need be!  Pretty cool because some times that labor can be LOOOOOONG : )

*Wireless Monitor for baby HR and Contractions so you don't have to stay in bed during can actually walk around and they can still keep track that the baby (and you) are progressing.  

*AUX input (this is Todds fave part)...he can play his Spotify or Pandora throughout the room (although I would prefer HGTV while giving birth)

*After you give birth...Dads clean up baby and hand them to Mom.   They really try to give dads lots of jobs so they can feel like they are part of the process.  (Although some would probably say, "what are we paying you for?!?" I think it is good esp.  for first time dads)   That being said, after bonding occurs between mom and baby they ask Dad to then give baby a complete bath : )

*Family Center: This is where you go after you give birth and stay the remainder of your visit.   It didn't seem too terribly different than the Labor and Delivery Rooms to me.   They do however have showers with 5 shower heads that are completely adjustable for where you need them : )  It also resembles a hotel bathroom in that they have everything you need in there (shampoo, etc.) 

*4 o'clock:  MILK AND COOKIES!!  It's the little things that impress me....they make fresh cookies on the maternity floor and deliver them to everyone at 4pm : ) 

*Spa Services: They have spa services for new moms readily available (and they conveniently have a huge sign up in the waiting room so that visitors while waiting can see it... ; )  )   Umm...I would gladly take a foot massage please!  

*Simply Mom's Boutique: The maternity ward also has it's own boutique that is filled with all you could ever need or gift to someone.  (psst...if I end up having a girl go easy on the tutu's and fancy headbands...I have a 3 year old princess that may not want to give her crown away or share it very easily : )  )   

*Take home gifts: We get a SWADDLE ME blanket (those no brainer swaddle blankets) and they let us choose a take home meal for our family for that first night at home.   How awesome is that?!?  

I know this was a shallow blog, but aesthetics and service are my thing so I am now LOOKING forward to my delivery and stay at HOTEL BAYLOR.   (and OF COURSE meeting Baby W!)