Monday, April 23, 2012

These are a Few of my Favorite Things: IKEA

Some of you are SHOCKED that I haven't already added this to my list.   Ikea has always been an obsession of mine.   Whenever I visited a place that had one within 75 miles, I HAD to go.   One time I even drove 457 miles to go to an Ikea (and Mall of America).   And if that isn't crazy enough, then you need to know that I told Todd I would only move to another city if it had an Ikea ; )   Well, he made my dreams come true.   When we first moved to Dallas we lived in an apartment that had an amazing view: Ikea.  

Here are all the reasons I love Ikea.  

1.) My kids treat it like it's Disney World.   When ever we pull it they get SOOOOooo excited.   (Surely they don't get that from me).  

O.k.  So we've been known to be the first ones there actually waiting for them to open.  

2) A place to drop off your kids while you shop.  Ingenious.  Really it is !   Mom's love it, kids love it, we all love it.   Wouldn't you love it?  Oh, and it's FREE.  

3.)  99 cent breakfast.  Eggs, bacon, potatoes, and coffee all for 99 cents.   What's not to love?   They also have wireless internet and a kids eating area complete with cartoons.   This summer we may be there most mornings (we don't live across the street anymore).  

4.) Family Friendly.  Need to warm up a bottle?  They have a bottle warmer there.   Forgot a diaper?  They keep a stack in the bathroom for you.   Need a bib?  Child Fork?  Play areas throughout the store?  Yep, they have all of that too.   Oh and if you get a Family Card you get a discount on special items each week, free coffee and tea anytime AND an extra half hour in the play area.
5.) Products. They're hip, functional and cheap.   Even if you are decorator challenged their entire upper floor give you ideas and item codes to right down what you like so you can pick it up downstairs in the market.   Here are some of our most used products:

*Craft supply boxes:  perfect for scissors, crayons, etc.   $2.99

*Storage System: Great to organize all of our art supplies!   $100

*Train Set:  This was the perfect beginner set when Eli was 1.   $10

*Stuffed Rats:  Seriously Anna's favorite stuffed animal: $3

*Snack Bowls:  Perfect size!  $2/ 6 bowls

*Serving Bowl: This thing is about 8" in diameter and is $2.99!!!!  

*Placemats:  Great for outside!   $2.99/4

*Storage Boxes:  $8/2 

*Picture Frames: $2.99/2

*Freezer/storage bags: I know I'm weird, but why not buy super cute versions of the things you use everyday?   ESP. at this price:  $3.99/30 or $2.99/50 (depending on size)  

I would LOVE for you to tell me your favorite things about Ikea so I can gush even more when I am there.   If you haven't need to.  It's an experience!  

Monday, April 16, 2012

I promise to try to keep this blog strictly family related, but part of that is sharing what I'm doing with my cooking camp: read.cook.grow.   I told you about this back HERE, but I just added a section I'm pretty excited about.  Not only will this keep me fresh and thinking about how to best serve the kids at the camp and their families, but my family as well.  There is a reason I created the camp: I actaully like teaching this.   And who better to use as my test subjects than my family?   So here is my first tip, hope you enjoy it!    

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


As with all holidays this year (apart from Christmas), this is our first Easter away from "home".   Thankfully Easter is so much more than my comfort zone.   Easter is seriously the best day of the year no matter where you are because of what it means.

"For lI delivered to you as of first importance what I also received: that Christ died mfor our sins nin accordance with the Scriptures, that he was buried, that he was raised oon the third day pin accordance with the Scriptures, and that qhe appeared to Cephas, then rto the twelve. Then he appeared to more than five hundred brothers at one time..."   1 Corinthians 15: 3-6

Our paster used the above verses on Sunday.   The resurrection of course means something because it means that God accepted Jesus' sacrifice for all of our sins and it made us right with Him.   BUT, what is so cool about Christianity is that when Jesus was resurrected it wasn't in secret just to one person that we all have to trust  (although faith is a lot of the Christian walk) he appeared to 500+ people who all could verify that he was alive again.   Pretty awesome.  

So to celebrate this incredible day where death was defeated, I was just happy to BE.   Happy to be alive, and happy to be with my husband and children.  

Of course, Easter egg hunts are pretty awesome too.   I have a pretty fun fact about myself that some of you don't know.   I have NEVER not done an Easter Egg hunt.   You can's my thing.   Something about discovering secret "treasures" is a part of my soul.    So the Warren kids had their fair share of them.

Eli and Anna ready to go at my MOPS Easter Egg Hunt

The kids then proceeded to have a hunt at their school and then of course the ULTIMATE hunt at our house : )  

Anna received a head start.  

The boys did pretty good, only one Egg was compromised. 
There are no pictures of the adult Easter Egg hunt, but that doesn't mean there wasn't one.   Along with Todd's dad, my second cousin Harvey and his family (Becki, Josh, Nathan and Delaney) were there along with my Cousin Lynn and her husband John.  The kids hid the eggs while the adults waited (impatientely) in the other room.   Once the kids said "GO" we all had to find "baskets" (mine was the bathroom trashcan) and find our treasures.  There was some pushing and crying (1 year old Delaney did not like that her mom was pushed around) but all in all we ended up with some good stuff.  (I found the golden egg with $50 thanks to my cousin Lynn!!!  She really stepped it up this year...)   

Here are some closing shots from the day.  I hope you had a great Easter!   

The kids with their Grandaddy

Handsome Eli

Delightful Anna

The kids table

The adult table