Monday, January 30, 2012

December Photos!!!

Thought I'd get these up before the end of January : ) Remember friends & family this is where you can click on the picture and download a full size photo to your computer.   Enjoy!    

Friday, January 27, 2012

On the SIXTH (and final) day of Christmas...

...Anna and I got the stomach flu : (  There was at least period where both of us were feeling alright and were able to end our trip with some final great memories.   This final Christmas was at Todd's sister, Karah's house.   We celebrated with our Grandaddy and hoped to ring in the new year together.   They might of, but I was down for the count : )   Todd was able to capture some great moments with the kids playing outside in some more unseasonable weather.  

Hearing the story of Jesus through the eyes of Isaiah

Nailing Grandaddy


I printed this picture for Eli's captures his awesomeness

Making Jesus' birthday cake

(hope everyone likes sprinkles)

I love this picture of Aunt Linny just enjoying life : ) 

Having fun! 

This one kind of frightens life in 11 1/2 years?!?  
Thanks for bearing with me as I told the story of our Christmas!   We spent time with some of our most favorite people and I wanted to make sure I documented those memories for our family.   Thank you everyone for your laughs, love and hospitality!   We will be back....

Monday, January 23, 2012

On the FIFTH day of Christmas...

...we headed to Nana and Michael's farm.   This is one of the many views from this remote retreat in Missouri country.   This place was breath taking and we loved experiencing it!   
Eli and his cousin Jameson could play with mud and sticks to their hearts content and be a part of a whole new world...

...the kids could pet and help feed the horses...
...Anna could play dress up with her great great grandmothers jewelry...

...and I could play games (with a spectacular view) to my heart's content.  

As always with this side of the family we kick off Christmas by reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas".    This year was extra special because my hot husband read the story....

Every time the word "THE" was read we passed around gifts and anxiously awaited opening the gift that was destined to be ours once the final "THE" is read with "THE END".    We always wind up with something cool, and the kids even today were playing with their "balloon cars" that one of us received.   I love this tradition.   But of course there are other Christmas traditions that the kids love, like opening even more gifts : )  

By far the best part (as in every celebration thus far) was being with those we love and love us so well.    
The whole crew
The great grandkids with their Great Grandma Mary
The cousins

The crazy duo 
Thank you Nana & Michael for opening up your beautiful home to us.   One more stop, and then it's back to reality : )

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On the FOURTH day of Christmas...

...we realized that our kids had slept in 4 different places and had at least 4 more to go.   I don't know why I never thought through that and how exhausting it would be.  Just the packing/unpacking alone was enough to make me want to stay put.   So we had to cancel a sleepover with the Petersons, but that didn't stop us from having a good time the following day.   We already had plans to reconnect with some of our college friends, and it was just a bonus that is was a MU bowl game day (although none of us really watched it because MU was that awesome...)  It's always a good time seeing everyone, and it makes it even more special to see all of our kids together.          

Warren/Peterson Crew playing BINGO

Katelyn rocking out

The boys doing what they do best

The girls doing what they do best  (two floors AWAY from the boys)

The adults doing what they do best : )

Todd and Jim

After the girls put on a dance recital (in which no photography or "kids" were allowed) the boys put on a rock concert

Eli and Micah
The next morning, Anna and I went to one of my "oldest" friends Catana's house.   To read about it from my mom's perspective click HERE.   Since my Mom's retirement she has really dug into one of her passions...genealogy.   She discovered that Catana and I are 5th, of course, my Mom came along so she could see her 4th cousins.    Not only was I able to hang out (once again) with my 2 dearest friends, but we also let our daughters play together (yes 3 best friends each had a daughter the same year and we each named them some version of "ann"...that's not all that's annoying about us, but I'll leave it at that for now.)   I love these girls dearly and am thankful that our friendship has stood the test of time.  

The girls eating breakfast at the "kid" table

Gianna, Anna, & Annie

Catana, Me, & Julie
We had another Christmas celebration while in St. Louis with Todd's Dad's family.   We were able to reconnect with our great grandparents, aunts and cousins.   Thank you guys for spoiling us so much!!   That night Eli was able to have a sleepover with his Grandaddy and go "bumming" with him the next day.  

The kids each got their own chicken

Our landing ground for this portion of our trip was my parents.   Apart from buying iPhones together (!!!) most of our time was spent getting R&R while we were there.   I did happen to get some photos of our time with them.   

Amidst the unusually mild temps we were able to see snow!

One of Anna's (and Grandpa's) favorite spots

Playing with our new gifts. 

Are you still with me?!?   There are still TWO more major stops before I am done documenting Christmas!!   

Friday, January 13, 2012

On the THIRD day of Christmas... worries I am NOT going to take this all the way to TWELVE : )  So our next stop on our Christmas adventure was Kansas City, home of my sisters (and one of Todd's!).   We first landed at team Twenter.   We had a great time reconnecting with them after 8 months of not seeing one another!  I especially liked watching Anna and Libby doing "girl" stuff together.  
Eating dinner

Libby reading to Anna

Eli and Davis playing Wii

We snuck upstairs and found Libby and Anna having a tea party : )

The girls made cookies while the boys went swimming at the YMCA. 

 After a mere 24 hours at the Twenter house, we headed north for church with Team Lewis (late.) We walked in about 20 minutes late to the service when our usher (a.k.a. Roman) walked down the aisle to greet us : )  
The kids in their Christmas attire (before the boys went out to play in the mud)

Silly pic (although Eli thinks EVERY pic needs to be silly). 

The stockings hung with care (above the doorway...)

More wii...

Anna LOVED all the pets we were able to see along the way. 

Warren Family

Twenter Family

Lewis Family

"Morgan" grandkids

Dressed in PJ's and ready for Santa to come!  

Some Christmas Cheer via You Tube, brought to you by the Morgan Grandkids:  


Thankfully Santa received the memo that we were in Kansas City! 
To view the Kansas City trip from my Mother's point of view click HERE.