Saturday, March 31, 2012

March Photos

I honestly have been TERRIBLE about taking them lately (I blame it on the iphone...) Enjoy, nonetheless!  

February Photos

I honestly have been TERRIBLE about taking them lately (I blame it on the iphone...) Enjoy, nonetheless!  

January Photos

I honestly have been TERRIBLE about taking them lately (I blame it on the iphone...) Enjoy, nonetheless!  

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Spring "Break"

When you hear "Spring Break" you think of a chance to take a week off from life and responsibilities.   Not for my kids : )   The week began in typical Spring Break style with a visit from our cousin Roman and Aunt Reebs. 

We went to Lego Land and had some great fun with the nice weather (well most of us had fun...poor Anna didn't enjoy the sprinklers quite as much).   

But our fun times had to come to an end because it wasn't EVERYONES spring break and Roman had to go back to school.   So after they left what did we decide to do?  Potty Train Anna!!!   Yes, I'm crazy.   Just you wait...I get more crazy.   

When I potty trained Eli it took all of an hour.   Granted he was 3 years old and Anna is only 27 month.      One hour is the only experience I had though, and I was expecting the same results using the same methods.  (no, as a parent I still haven't learned that A+B does not necessarily equal C)  I've always heard girls were EASIER than boys so I thought this would be easy-peasy.   We follow what's called the "THREE DAY POTTY TRAINING GUIDE"...  SIXTY "pees" on the floor (and 3 days later) we finally had Anna go on the potty ONCE.   And it was because Todd made her read a book on the potty (which the guide says to NEVER do.)  Still it was enough to make this mom keep going.   (I had already come so far, why stop now?)  So we continued to stay in the house (did I mention you're not supposed to leave?) and clean up pee for a few more days.   We did get a reprieve when our friends the Musketts came over for a St. Patricks Day dinner : ) (however they were greeted at the door with, 'sorry about all the pee...' )   

We slowly but surely were seeing progress (anything was progress : ) )  so we even ventured out to a playground to get some fresh air (but we brought the potty with us!) 

All in all she was a trooper and finally saw success on Day 8, the day before she had to go back to school.  The best trick towards the end was, "we can LEAVE once you go potty" : )  So she (really all of us) would be rewarded with trips outside the house.  

Our fun field trip was to the flower shop to plant some flowers. 
So if you need any tips from the "how to KIND OF train your child in 8 ish days" let me know.   Or never mind I'll give it to you now.   *Keep on cleaning up pee until they get it*.     

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Some of you have heard about this, and heard about this, and heard about this until you just can't hear any more : )   But for those of you that haven't / or aren't sick of it yet I wanted to talk about my new business venture with you.  

For those of you that don't already know I am a teacher.   I'm certified to teach several things (Elementary, Middle School Social Studies, German and 5-12 Family and Consumer Sciences).   Family and Consumer Sciences (a.k.a. Home Economics) was my chosen path into teaching and I loved it.   I taught cooking, sewing, child development, interior design and personal finance.  (I know...awesome, right?)  The crowd favorite was ALWAYS the cooking and, because of the curriculum, it never took much to make students really excited about my class.   It's been almost 4 years since I decided to take an absence from teaching and experience motherhood full time.  Even before the big move I was itching to get back into teaching in some way, shape or form.  

This particular idea has been rolling in my head for months and I'm excited to see it coming to fruition!   I have created a curriculum for a cooking camp that incorporates favorite childrens' stories. My original idea was to do this out of my home for preschoolers.   BUT since 1) that may creep some parents out and 2) I'm not entirely sure that would be legal, I decided to ask local restaurants if they would be willing to take a chance on me and my idea.  

My first place to call was The Pantry in historic downtown McKinney.  They are a favorite here in McKinney because of their charm and of course their food.  They have the best pies I've ever had (see my post from this summer), and were even featured on the Food Network.   They immediately liked my idea and were open to giving me a trial run there!   As you can imagine I was a little shocked, but mostly excited that someone else had faith in my idea.  I've had to make a few adjustments (increase the age, changes some stories/recipes, up the price...renting space isn't free you know) but all in all I think it's evolved into something that I'm excited to bring to the community.   Let's just hope they are as excited as I am : )   

So, coming to Mckinney in June...   read.cook.grow.  "a cooking camp that lets your imagination grow".  *

 *If you haven't already clicked on my link to my website, here it is.
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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Texas Tuesday: embracing our surroundings.

Each week the kids' preschool has a theme.   Last week?  It was TEXAS.    (I'm interested to know if Missouri, or any other states, have a week devoted to them ; )  ) They started out the week with a request to dress "TEXAN".    So, we obliged.   I took about 50 photos and just can't figure out which one is my favorite.

A: The Shocker

B: The Charmer

C: The Reality

D: The Gentleman

E: The Don't Mess with Texas
No matter which shot is the best, they are naturals at this cowboy/cowgirl thing if you ask their mother.   Once they arrived at school they had a TEXAN lunch complete with hotdogs, chips and red slushies (?!?).   They also played some Texan games and did some Texan artwork.   

The Texas State Flower: Bluebonnet 

A picture of a cowgirl complete with Elmo
And of course, bandanas.  
The kids had a blast and we all learned new tidbits about this new state we live in.   One thing is for sure, TEXANS are very proud of their state!  (as if we didn't already know...)   We are, however, seeing more and more why.