Saturday, July 31, 2010

Eli's Birthday Take 1

Before we talk about the Par-tay let's start at the beginning with his actual birthday.   The day began with a donut delivery from his #1 hero, his dad.   We then headed off to Vacation Bible School with some of his favorite people (this is a shout out to Grayson, Tyler and Casey).  

After nap we had a fun afternoon activity of... a Dr.'s visit!  Despite what you may think, I do have a heart.   I called ahead and asked if there would be shots and they assured me that none were needed...they were wrong.   On a lighter note he is healthy as a horse!

Once out of the Dr.'s office (with kisses and stickers!) we spent time playing with Sissy and talking on the phone.   After a gourmet meal of mac-n-cheese it was time for birthday cake!  

The night ended with opening some presents, playing with presents and going to bed after dark.   The day ended with one happy 3 year old!   (please don't remind him about the shots.) 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eli is Three...

... and is cute as can BE!   Happy 3rd Birthday E-Bug, we love you!  


 ****IF anyone has Eli's picture in front of the Birthday banner from his first birthday I would love you forever.   I lost all of his pics from his first year and never received that one back.  He is wearing blue jean overalls and red shoes.  A mother never forgets!  (at least what he wore...)****

Sunday, July 18, 2010


I better fit another post in before the lil' guy turns 3!!!  (Who know he may magically get boring on us...)

*Mixed fireworks (what I call them) and firecrackers (what his great grandparents call them) and just called them "FIREWORKERS"  (oh, and a clap is no longer a clap.   It's a FIREWORKER.) 
*His great grandparents had a water dispenser in their fridge (we don't) so he was able to get a glass of water himself.   The first time he filled a cup he took a step back, looked at what he had done and said, "not bad".
*One day when he got up from one of his more destructive naps (we had a lot of those the last couple of weeks) he said, "Mommy why don't you clean everything up?" I said, "what are you going to do?" He said, "I'm going to go watch TV and do nothing." comment.  (don't worry, he DID clean up) 
* He seems to think that "faster" is better.   He's made several comments like, "I slept faster today" and "I ate faster" and "I played with toys faster".   (FYI his hero is a race car)
* After yet another destructive nap he said, "look Mom.  I picked everything up off the floor". 
* When he received a snack of goldfish crackers he said, "That's SWEET".
* He's really into mixing expressions we use and telling us WE'RE wrong.   My fave is, "See you later crocodile, alligator in while. " 
* When Anna babbles (screaming in excitement is more like it) he says, "that was beautiful Anna" as if she was singing.
* Yet ANOTHER "nap" (I am thinking the word nap may be in quotes from here on out) I came up and he quickly told me that "a bug SPIT on the window"  (wasn't him...nope.) I asked him where the bug was now and he showed it to me napping in the corner of the window sill.  (he was a goner)
* After he burped he said, "excuse me" (he really does have good manners) and I replied, "you're excused".  He said, "No, mom.  STOP.  I'm saying it." 
* We attempted to clean his grimy toenails he told us not to worry about it.   He'd get new ones at the store. 
*When we were done playing downstairs I told him we needed to clean up.   His response, "No, I'm a monster and monster's make messes." 
* While playing with Todd he pretended to shoot him.   He then told him, "It's alright.  I'll give you a bandaid."   (I thought I'd give him a talk on reality but decided maybe I'd wait)
* Eli wanted to water the flowers one day (it has become his chore) and I said "you don't need to worry about it.  God watered them last night".   He said, "he did?"  My response, "Yeah, there was a storm and you slept right through it!"  (he is scared of thunder).   His response, "THANK YOU!".     I said, "Don't thank me, thank Jesus".   So he stopped what he was doing and prayed.   (INSERT: PROUD PARENT MOMENT) 
*  Speaking of praying....he prays pretty much every night for his cousin, Roman.   The other night Roman got the boot because he prayed "When I poop, I wish it wouldn't hurt when it comes out. "  Amen, son.  Amen.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My lil' rockstars...

or out world here they come.  Yesterday I was completely dazzled by my musical out Jonas Brothers!

Monday, July 12, 2010

My favorite things #2


I used to read a ton more and would follow them religiously BEFORE Anna was born, but now I just glance over them and if something jumps out I will investigate.   I am sure you've seem some of these bloggers on the news...the ones that MAKE MONEY through using coupons.  I have never had such luck (or the time) but have saved us a lot of cash.  (Todd would disagree, he thinks I didn't save money if I spent money)   Here is my fave one...

For example, today she posted about Gap being an additional 30% with the coupon code attached. 

One thing to note about her can go to the top click on STORES and find the store you are looking for to see what the latest deal there is.   EVERY WEEK she comes up with a shopping list and coupons attached to use at Target, CVS and Walgreens.   Again, if you have nothing to do (or really need to save $) have at it!   Hope you enjoy it as much as I have...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Flashback Friday

OK, so I have to "borrow" another theme from my sister Reeb's blog.   (Hey she abandoned this blog long ago so really I am just carrying it on!)   I HAVE to clean out my photo's both on my computer and out of my basement and get them all in digital form/on CD's (or maybe DVD's).   So this is a way you can walk down memory lane with me!    

First I am going to free up some space on my computer!   So my first flash back will be from as far back as my iphoto will go and that is July 21 2007!   (When Eli was born 3 years ago....)  Here are some snapshots from when our life completely changed!   

 Some of you may remember that we were in the middle of completely rehabbing our house when we found out we were expecting.  Above is a picture of Eli's room (before he arrived) with the new carpet that was installed 3 weeks before he came : ) 

This is a picture of me when I was in labor (you can see the computer in the background monitoring my contractions).  I think the thumbs up is an indication I was feeling good with the epidural.   Little did I know that this would not last long because the epidural needle was not put in correctly!   My left side completely wore off (I found out with Anna this was because my spinal cord is slightly curved...) and he was sunny side up so I experienced the most painful hours of my life.   It was all worth it in the end ( I can say this now...) because....

...Elijah James Warren was born at 8:14 pm (20 hours later) 7 lb 8 oz 20 1/2 " long!   

His Daddy in awe of him!   

Our new family!   

A few of my friends that now 3 year later have a new family of their own!   (Left: Catana and John Pearson, Right: Julie Koboldt and Catana Pearson)

One of my favorite pictures!   Here Eli is demonstrating the "Happiest Baby on the Block" positions (which look/sound creepy but actually WORK!) and I love how small the little guy is.   

Here we are on the way home from the hospital!    We love you E-Bug and can't wait to celebrate your 3 years of life in a few weeks!