Thursday, May 30, 2013

Introducing Samuel Isaac

Samuel Isaac Warren
May 26, 2013, 6:57 pm
9 lb 11 oz 21''

Depending on how you look at it my labor was really long or really short.   I have technically been contracting since week 35 (and by that I mean 3-5 min apart for hours) but since there was never any cervical change they did not count as active labor.   Speed ahead to Sunday, May 26.   I felt similar contractions around 11am but wanted to be sure they were the real deal (already been to the hospital 4 times).   So I waited until they were 2-3 minutes  apart and painful for 2 hours.  We get to the hospital @ 2 pm and they said there had been no change (once again) but that i had "really good contractions".  At this point I was annoyed, in pain, etc just like the previous 5 weeks.   They encouraged me to walk for a bit to see if that did anything.   They definitely grew in intensity.   At 4 pm they checked me and said I had "only changed a cm" which wasn't enough to admit me yet.   I said, "are you kidding me?   If you've been me the last 5 weeks 1cm is like a boulder being moved!"   She said I was most likely in active labor but it will be awhile so I could either continue to walk there or go home, have dinner and come back more than likely early the next morning.   

Based upon what I was feeling I chose to walk more.   1 hour later I could barely stand through the contractions so I went back to the room to have her check me and beg for an epidural at the same time.   She said "Oh... you've already gone another cm, we can admit you."   I think my water broke as soon as she made that statement.   By the time she had me signing papers I was in intense pain and begging for the epidural.  She said she had to get an IV in me first.   I truly didn't know how I could wait, but I did.   What seemed like an eternity later they got the epidural in (actually 30 min after admitting me, so fairly quick) and she said it would take 15 minutes to experience the full effect.   They checked me again and the baby was crowning.  Three pushes later Sam was born.   So from true time of admitting me to birth it was less than 1 hour.  Id like to say at this time that I birthed an almost 10 pound baby without drugs nor child bearing classes (I always meant to take one).  Dont recommend it.  

Some scary parts (from Todds persective ... I was in too much pain to notice, thankfully).  
* I had meconium in my amniotic fluid so they needed to bring the NICU team in. Read about why here.    
*I tested positive for Group B and they didnt have time to give me the antibiotic to pass to Sam.  read about why here.
*His heart rate dropped to 80

So, there was a team of 11 doctors in there.  I feel very grateful for that kind of care when so many dont have that available to them.   Turns out all they could talk about was his size... I heard "he's a toddler" before "It's a boy".  Its a fairly new hospital so they dont have much of a spectrum ; )   He received a 9.9 Apgar score, didnt show any signs of Strep B (they kept us in hospital for 48 hours, but I still need to keep a look out for symptoms), passed his 12 hour glucose test  (a blood prick every hour for 12 hours, because he was so big), and is my first baby Ive taken home WITHOUT jaundice (and I had them check 100 times).   So you can say Sam is a strong and healthy lil' guy!   

Meet Samuel Isaac! 

9 lb 11 oz

Meeting Mommy

Meeting big brother

Meeting big sister

Meeting Grandaddy. 

Out of labor and delivery and safe and sound in our room. 

Meeting Grandma

Meeting Grandpa

Eli explaining to us how many days it would be until he felt comfortable holding you (7...but it only took 2)

Snoozing on Mommy

Snoozing on Daddy

Letting Mommy take her first shower at home.  : ) 
We LOVE YOU Samuel Isaac!  

Saturday, May 25, 2013


Some of these are so old I already forget the context : (   Anna is at that age where EVERYTHING that comes out of her mouth is an "ism"...I love it. 


* In the above picture, she's wearing a swimsuit top under her shirt, "just like Mommy".   Glad that phase is over (for now)
*Ever since the Superbowl she has been going on and on about how she wants to be a "Turbie" (???)  We had no idea what she was talking about, but knew she always wanted to 1)wear a skirt 2) go topless and 3) walk provocatively.    I finally showed her a Beyonce video (who performed at half time on Superbowl) and she SQUEALED with delight saying "Look MOM!  There are lots of Turbies!!)   (So basically Turbie = something we aren't encouraging.) (I did point out that they were wearing tops, although slight, before shutting it down) 

Before you think we are HORRIBLE PARENTS, here are some more innocent 3 year old ones (but we are aware we need to keep our eyes on her!!)

*Anna sings... a lot.   Sometimes it's more than we can handle.  One time we asked if she could "sing in her head".   She was quiet for 30 or so seconds and then whined, "It's not wooooorkinggg...."
*When moving her rooms in Feb, she headed for the hills one night (aka as her old room) and said "I want to go to sleep in my non bad dream room".   : (
*"Look Dad I'm gerbel-ing".   (aka dribbling; a basketball)
*"I hear my echo....where is he?"
*When Dad was growing out his facial hair, she asked, "Do you have ants on your face Daddy?"
*She's really starting to read into songs...I never do.  I just like to sing them without thinking.   She wants to know they why on every single lyric or just make it up.   For example the Mumford and Sons song, "I will wait for you" she said "awwwwwwe.  That's nice.  He's waiting for his friend to go potty.  "

 or the Christina Perri, "Jar of Hearts" song... she asked, "Why did she forget her name?"  

*The other day she looked at me and said, "I have 2 problems mom.   My Hello Kitty cup is broken, and my picture I made is falling apart.   That's it.  2 problems."   (Well that's a relief.) 

Eli on the other hand is becoming much more thoughtful and less "ism" ish.   There are still some great lines he come up with. 

* "Mom I think you are 'neeker' "  (Unique)
*"I can't wait until the baby is 16...I will be 36 and have my own phone.
*"The Devil is tricky.   He will call the police on you when you've done nothing wrong." (can't wait until he tries that line on the police)
*I like using my vampire teeth. 
*He called something we did (don't remember!) "so homeschool".   I think he meant "old school".
*While his Dad was reading and highlighting in his book Eli asked, "are you circling your sight words Daddy?"

Have a great day!!!!   

Monday, May 13, 2013

E Man Food List!

Eli has done AWESOME on his Gluten and Casein Free (GFCF) diet and we've had some really good results.   I can say confidently that we have almost no more problems in relation to his sensory processing disorder.   Could he have grown out of it? Maybe.   All I know is that I finally feeling like he is uninhibited by something that was out of his control.   For those of you that are interested in this diet for various reasons, or are taking care of Eli ever (like those who are graciously up to the task when ever baby #3 comes!) I wanted to have an extensive food list of his favorite foods and the easiest go to menu refer you to.

Breakfast foods:
-Eggs and Nitrate Free (Hormel or TJ's*) Bacon.   (We make the eggs with either the bacon fat, or his dairy free Earth Balance butter)
*Tj's = Trader Joes
-Gluten Free Instant Oatmeal
-Gluten Free Cereal with Almond Milk (a popular one you can find anywhere is CHEX otherwise just look in the gluten free aisle for your favorite)
-Gluten Free pancakes (our favorite brand thus far is Namaste) just make sure you make them with Almond Milk
-T'J's Wheat and Dairy Free Frozen Waffles (these are his absolute favorite and they are only $1.99!)

Lunch/Dinner foods:
-T.j's canned chicken chili
-Hormel Natural lunch meat (his favorites are ham and salami) and gluten free crackers (his favorite is GLUTINO brand).
-Peanut butter and honey or jelly on either rice cakes or gluten free bread (his favorite is UDIS).
-Chicken Salad and Gluten Free Crackers and/or spinach  (make sure the Chicken Salad is not made with IS dairy free.  Mayo contrary to what most people think is not a dairy product)
-Hebrew National hotdogs
-Gluten Free noodles (they are everywhere...look for brown rice or corn pasta) with Gluten free Tomato Sauce (again, just look at the label...popular brands are PREGO and BARILLO) and ground beef.
-Tacos with hard corn shell.   When using a taco seasoning either make your own without wheat or buy Old Elpaso.
-Any meat and rice or quinoa combo.   He really is not picky at all. 

-popcorn made with olive oil
-Almond Yogurt
-T.j.'s natural black cherry jello
-Cracker Jacks
-Potato chips (as long as they don't have seasoning)
-Tortilla chips (most are gluten free just look at the label)
-ANY of the gluten/dairy free cookies/desserts out there.
-trailmix with dried fruit
-Fruit Snacks (most are gluten free just look at the label)
- All fruit Popsicles

-ANY (isn't that funny?) 
-he will really eat just about any...his pallate has broadened : )  His favorites are: carrots, bell pepper, frozen peas, sugar snap peas, broccoli & green beans (cooked)...ALL fruit except pineapple (his personal preference)

Fast Food/Restaurants:
Just look up a restaurants menu before you go...there are a lot of option out there!   Our go to's are:
-Palio/Durkins/Bj's/Dominoes pizza.   Just ask for gluten free without cheese and his fave toppings are sausage and olives.
-Wendys.   He can have their chili, fries, and hamburgers (without bun...we just bring an UDI's with us)
-Chick Fil A : Grilled Nuggets kids meal with fries or fruit
-Jason's Deli: They have a FANTASTIC gluten free menu...just let him choose and remember no dairy!
-Macaroni Grill: Gluten Free pasta with red sauce



Tuesday, May 7, 2013

She is CRABBY... uterus that is.   For the past three weeks I have been to the hospital 3 TIMES!  I  know I said I couldn't wait to go but, I didn't mean it (like that).   The first time I went in they ultimately gave me a shot of terbutaline to stop the contractions because I was only 34.3 weeks along.   The next time they hooked me up to an IV and gave me a sweet pain med to stop the contractions.   The THIRD time, they did actually let me walk to see if I would progress but...nothing.  She is just CRABBY and not wanting to let the little one out : )  So what is a crabby utererus?  Well it's a actually called an Irritable Uterus (IU) and basically means that you look and feel like you are in labor, but you aren't.  Fun, eh?  You look on their fancy monitor to see that you are in fact not crazy, and sure enough you are contracting every 2 minutes but nothing is happening to your cervix.   

At this point (now that I am basically 37 weeks) I have been told to go in if they don't go away with a tylenol.   So embarrassing, and frustrating all at the same time.   Todd and I jokingly call them our very expensive date nights because we get to spend so much quality time together : )  Regardless, the baby is healthy and I am too!   Those are both blessings and I am very excited to meet him/her when my uterus finally allows it.   

Until then here are some pictures from the "recycled shower" that my sweet, sweet friends threw me here in Mckinney.   When we moved here we got rid of pretty much all of our "baby baby" stuff (anna was 18 months old) and so we were in need of all the gear once again.  I really didn't think it was necessary to buy all new stuff, since we are SURE this is our last ;), so we had a recycled shower.   People basically pulled things off of the list of items I needed and took them out of storage to give to me : )  They were incredibly generous, and I felt so loved and celebrated!  

Here are some pics of the fun day: 

There was a lot of loot!  THANK YOU!
 I LOVE these girls.  They are my hostesses, my TX wolfpack, my sisters, my friends. 
L-R Kelley, Misty, me, Betsy and Rachel

My fellow pregnant friends: Kelley and Stephanie (everyone thinks we are sisters!)

Some of my small group ladies from church.  Tina, Kelley and Amy (who also lives 2 streets over!)

My family here in TX!  Cousin Lynn, Second cousin once removed?!? Becki, and Aunt Jane

My fellow Nertz loving friend Katie who was introduced to me by my sorority sister Kristin who also lives here in Dallas.  (She had a GMAT class so couldn't make it)

Some of my MOPS friends: Christie (the photographer!) and Stephanie.

My bootcamp buddies!   (all already introduced : ) )

The cake Kelley made!  Isn't he so cute?!?  

As you can see I am MORE than ready to bring Baby W into the world!  Hopefully we will meet him/her in the next blog post : )