Friday, November 27, 2009

Simply fabLEWIS

Now my OTHER sister is starting her own card making business (digital).  She has about 6 photo designs available for Christmas 2009 that are FAB"LEWIS"  (her last name)!   Those of you that have already seen her work know this.   I think she has priced them so they are less expensive than Shutterfly and Snapfish.  Thank you for looking and hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Her Website:

Her email if you would like to order:

Her description of her cards this season:

"I just wanted to spread the word that I'm designing and selling Christmas photo-cards this year. So far I have 8 designs, however, I hope to complete at least 4 more this week and I will continue to update the above shutterfly site with them. A few changes can be made to them to suit your needs: font, text color, frame color, etc... On a few designs, I can even change it from one picture to 2, or I can redesign the card to fit a vertical picture instead of a horizontal one, etc... Just contact me and I'll work something out. The prices are listed below each photo, however I think you'll find the pricing lower than Shutterfly, Snapfish, Tiny Prints, etc... Plus if you live in the Kansas City area, I can be your "shipping and handling!"
I'm very excited about starting my own little business and design is something I've always enjoyed doing. Hopefully if you haven't already made arrangements for your 2009 Holiday cards, you'll find something you like in my collection and you'll trust me handle this for you. Please contact me to start making arrangements."

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pandora Radio

Some of you have been asking, "what is Pandora Radio?"   Well if you are a music fan (which my husband DEFINITELY is) than you either already know about it or I am about to rock your world...literally.  

In my own words: if I go to I can create my own radio station based upon a single artist/song that I really enjoy.    For example, when I am hanging out with Eli (who also is a HUGE music fan like his dad) I put in "Laurie Berkner" (one of my fave kid artists) and then it will develop a radio station that continuosly plays music with her and artists similar to her.  What is great about it for someone like me is that it gives me names of artists that I NEVER would have discovered otherwise.  (Like Justin Roberts featured above)  I can then go to itunes or another music store of your choice and download the new artist that I enjoy!    The best part about Pandora Radio is that it is FREE!  (You have to remain on the web in order to listen/stream from it however).  

In Pandora's words:  (if you really are interested, read what they have to say...there is A LOT that goes into this musical genius)

Have fun!!  

Thursday, November 19, 2009

What to Expect When You Are....WHAT?!?!?

Either I don't remember what it was like in those final weeks when I was pregnant with Eli, or they were just...uneventful.   I do remember that...
1) I was on summer vacation from teaching
2)We were in the thick of rehabbing our house (I don't even think we had carpet in his room until 3 weeks before due date...)
3) I myself was thick : )   Seriously, my feet looked like I had stacked one on top of the other...(mom do you still have that picture, I want a that it's over)
4) Labor just kinda happened on the night of July 20th, 3 days before my due date.
5) Eli was born 19 hours later : )   (I'll leave out all the other details I DO remember)

This pregnancy has been WAY different already.   Not only is it a girl : ) , but I was sick,  I have been chasing around a 2 year old, she NEVER shows us her face even though we get an ulatrasound at every appointment, and....I am already contracting. 

Last Saturday (at that point I was 5 weeks from due date) I contracted for 2 hours straight.  I seriously thought we were going to go to the hospital that night.   Before I called in the recruits to watch Eli, looked like an idiot in front of my Dr., ect. I pulled out my handy dandy "What to Expect When you are Expecting" book.     This typically isn't my favorite pregnancy book but my other ones were in Eli's room while he was napping.    So I looked up "pre term labor".   Here is what it said, "

"Real labor has not begun if...
*the uterus relaxes and contractions ease if you have an alcoholic drink. "     p. 235

WHAT? then said,

"It is probably real if the contractions intensify, rather than ease up, with activity and aren't relieved by a change in position or by an alcoholic drink."   p. 235

Before I cracked open my six pack of beer, I decided I better check the date this book was published...sure enough 1984.    I seem to recall that rather than buying this book new when I was pregnant with Eli I snagged a copy for 25 cents at Goodwill : )   (that would also explain the weird highlighting in places I wouldn't really want to "highlight")  

What is the current remedy for finding out if contractions are the real deal?   WATER.   Yep, they really have toned down the advice.  So now 4 weeks out with contractions almost nightly, I am drinking lots of....water : )      (NOTE: even the picture of the girl on the "COMPLETELY NEW AND REVISED EDITION" looks so sassy and cute...just like me!)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Coupon Blogs

I have talked to some of you about my "new" hobby and some of you were actually interested in giving it a shot!!

About once a week I get "me" time and that usually consists of shopping at TARGET! So the night before I scour my coupon blogs to find out what I can score (off my list for the most part) for less $$ if not FREE. These bloggers do all the work for me, I just cut/print the coupons I need (I keep folders organized by date) and attach them to my list. I know to some it may seem like a waste of time, but I think we all waste time in our different ways. For me, this falls right in line with my passion for shopping and getting a great deal. Will I continue to do this when I have a newborn? We'll see! I think my passion may shift to SLEEPING for a few months :) Hope some of my fellow shoppers/deal snatchers find some use out of these!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Perfect Family Photo

So I REALLY wanted this scenario for a photo to send out to people for thanksgiving this year...

1) Me to look fabulously pregnant
2) Eli to sweetly kiss his sister Anna (aka my belly)
3) Todd to look at the scene adoringly

Well there are a couple of reasons this scenario didn't not pan out...

1) I planned it
2) I am 5 weeks from due date (not at the peak cuteness of pregnancy despite wearing black)
3) Eli is 2 and is ALL boy...did I mention he's 2?
4) My husband was annoyed over the whole ordeal and really saw all the loopholes but was going along with it anyway (but not with a smile on his face.)

So instead of a perfect family photo coming to your mailbox this thanksgving, you are getting a blogpost of all of our out takes : ) (even Todd had to laugh when it was all said and done)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A Spooktacular Week/Weekend!

We had a very festive week in the Warren family!

Monday: Eli and I went to a Halloween event at the Magic House where they had treats (doughnuts) and brew (coffee). Eli was able to do a costume dress rehearsal and it was a hit! He was given the costume from his cousin, Roman, and it was made by his Aunt Reebs! I had bought him another costume, but he looked so cute in this one we just made it THE costume this year. (BTW in case you can't tell it is a sock monkey)

Tuesday: While Todd was in class/ going to the Derek Webb concert I had some of my closest friends over for a special prayer time for Anna and our family. It was very special to me!

Saturday: I was able to grab my H1N1 vaccine in the morning, and killed time shopping before going to my dear friend, Julie's, baby shower. Meanwhile Eli and Todd were busy cooking chili and going on a bike ride! That night we had 30 "bodies" in our house for a Halloween party. We began at 5, trick or treated at 5:30, came back and warmed up with chili and the party was over at 8pm! Can you tell that everyone that came had a child 2 or younger?!? Todd and I were somewhat relieved after an exhausting day! Eli was on such a sugar high he literally crashed in his big boy bed that night...(yeah!)

Sunday: Once again Todd and Eli hung out at church without me while some other close friends of mine celebrated Anna with a "drizzle". Get it? Not a shower, but a drizzle. I received some things that life with not only 2 kids, but a GIRL needs! Thank you ladies for such a wonderful time!

Enjoy the pictures of all of our festivities!!