Sunday, August 31, 2014

Warren School of Awesome

Many of you I've had a lot of conversations, tears, laughs and prayers over this...others of you are just now catching on that we are {gasp} homeschooling.   I first want you to know that this was not a light, easy or quick decision for us.   Not only was my mom a teacher in the public school system but it was where I started and paused my professional career for 6 years.   I also went on to pursue my masters in Educational Administration in hopes of one day becoming a school administrator.   This is not done by someone who does not believe that the public school system holds value or benefit to families or children.   We just had to make a really hard decision based on some really hard circumstances sprinkled with a lot of encouragement about this educational path for our family this year.   I know it's crazy.  I know we are about to have a baby.  I know this means I am "stuck" at home with 4   I am instead choosing to trust in a Lord that loves me and did not close this door for me like I asked him too, a husband who walked through this decision with me and my own personal convictions.   Does this mean we are going to do it forever?   Dare I say "I hope NOT!"  We are going to take this 1 school year at a time and continue to make the hard decision every year.  Can I just say I am so thankful that I have the freedom, resources and support to be able to make this decision?   If you want to follow along on our adventure I am posting pics via instagram using #warrenschoolofawesome .   This is not to make everyone think it is all sun and roses over here, but to share (mostly to myself) what is good and true about my life esp when I'm banging my head against a wall.  If you ever want to hear the bad or ugly I'm sure I will need an ear to vent to so feel free to ask ; )   

Here is a quote from one of my favorite bloggers (Ann Voskamp) and hits home to what I feel about our decision to "do school at home" and why it's not because I think its the "Christian" thing to do.  It truly is just a personal decision for our family and not a "prescription" for anyone else's.  

"So to say from the outset, that I do not think in any way that homeschooling makes a family virtuous — and there are a myriad of very good educational choices.
Homeschooling is not a formula for perfection, nor is homeschooling a panacea for all the sin in this world.
We’re all messy and fallen and sin-scraped. We and our children are born sinners.
Homeschooling will not fix any of that. Only Jesus and His grace can.
It’s scary to share that we homeschool.
But it’s part of who we are and I am praying for your grace, in just taking us anyways. And we’re all big, gracious folks here. Learning from each other, knowing we are all called differently, but all for the singular purpose of His Glory.
May  we all be gracious and supportive of educational choices? Mamas are all just really trying and need so much encouragement.
Three of my closest personal friends, all ardent Christ-followers, have each chosen the public school route; so this is descriptive of our lives, not prescriptive for anyone else. I humbly and fully believe that Father Himself leads each family" 

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