Thursday, February 13, 2014

House Tour...the first room

This post is mostly for my friend, Jewels, who claims she may never come for a visit but needs to see my house.   I love her for so many reasons and honesty is one of them : ).  So, Jewels, this "series" (look for tag housetour) is for you!  Lord willing I am going to take you room by room through my house each week.   I'm over trying to have it "done" for these posts and will just try to have the pics be "as is" if you were to hop on a plane right now : ). (Ok looking back I probably would've fluffed the pillows and moved the piano music stash next to the couch). Xoxo

So this first room is the living room...aka the cleanest room in my house because no one is ever in it.   So naturally I thought I'd start here (and its the first thing you see when you walk in the door).   The commentary is exactly what I'd say as if you were here too!  You know me and my disclaimers : ).  (Btw I spared you  the rundown of where I acquired each piece and how much it was. ie the green chair in the corner was free from our neighbors who were "downsizing" into the house next door).  Almost everything else is unchanged from our house in Maplewood.   

Wish me luck on feverishly tidying up the other areas!   (Want to make you feel at home!) 

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