Friday, March 28, 2014

House tour...the guest room

So...month and some change later I'm on to the next room... The Guest Room (aka the room you'd be restfully staying in if you came to visit).   We have also been known to lay out chocolates and fresh local soap.   (Ok maybe that was just one time when we were on our "A" game, but still totally worth chancing if you came to stay).  This room is directly across from the living room and is to the right when you walk in the front door.   

As you can see from this next picture you get to see the beautiful Texas sunrise without getting out of bed.  (But do remember to close the blinds when you change). 

You even get your own full bath (not really its the only bath on the first floor), and if you're feeling crafty you're in luck the craft closet is also located in your room!   Glue?  Sequence? Buttons?  We have it all at Chateau Warren.    Xoxo 

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Jaclyn Morgan said...

LOL--I have dipped into the "craft closet" to find gift wrap and cards from time to time. Guess that makes up for not being an "A" guest getting chocolates on the pillow. The new arrangement over the bed looks great!